Update my business profile

Go to Biz Setup -> Biz Profile.

1.    Business Profile: Here you can add your tax number, email, website, logo, phone number among other information. You can’t modify the Business name or merchant email (Email used when creating the account).


2.    eQuote Form: Here you can customize and select the information to be displayed on the eQuote that clients must complete when requesting a quote.


3.    Billing and Mailing Address: Add your business billing and office addresses.


4.   Stripe Payment Gateway: Use Osmos Stripe integration to process credit card payments in a safe & simple way. You must register first with Stripe and uyour private key.  https://stripe.com.

5.   Upgrade Plan: Review and upgrade your plan, add additional users and update your credit card information. 


6.   Account History: Review your account history, transactions and payments made with your credit card. 


7.   Close Account: From here is you can cancel your account anytime. After closing your account you won’t be able to access Osmos. You have 90 days to reactivate your account before all information is deleted from our servers. Make sure to back up all your information before you decide to close your account.