Quote Template Edition

You can hide or move any sections. The only one that can not be moved is the introductory text. It will not display anything if you don't write any text. 

To hide a section - Click on the green eye. When the section is hidden it will show in gray color. If you want to show it again, click on the eye.

To move a section - Put your cursor over the grey area with the arrows, left-click on the mouse button, hold and drag the section where you want it to appear and release the mouse.

To add new sections in your template - To add an image, click on the image icon and select the image to be used. This image will take the entire width of the document. The measurements or position cannot be edited. To add text with or without an image, click on the pencil. In the text editor, you can write, use labels to customize the text, and add images. This images can be customizable in measurements and position.

IMPORTANT!! These new sections will ONLY be displayed in the PDF file, they will not be shown in the body of the email. The new sections can be used as a business presentation and quotation at the same time.

Other functionalities - You can send a test email from here:

You can set this template as default, create a new template or save and exit.

Walkthrough Video