Purchase Order Module

Purchase Order Module

We have divided the Purchase Order module into two. One section for orders coming from the requisitions and another for all orders coming from orders related to the contracts.
From this module, you can:


  •  You can add a new cost – Enter the new cost that will replace the current cost coming from the catalog.
  • You can reject the line – Rejecting will send a notification to the user so he or she can edit or modify it.
  • You can approve it – Approving will confirm that line information is correct and that it will be included on the PO.

To approve all multiple lines, mark the desired lines by checking the box and click on Approve Selection.
Once a line is approved it will create a PO that can be sent by email or printed in PDF.


NOTE: Consider that if you have approved a line and a PO has been created, and a couple of days later you approve another line on the same PO for the same supplier, the PO document will be updated because the PO’s are group by the supplier.


To reject a PO, click on Reject. This will mark this line as rejected and will be returned to the orders module to be corrected.
When a PO is ready to be sent, but you want to notify your supplier about your payment terms and delivery location, you can do it from here before sending the PO.


You can customize the payment terms from Setup > System Values > Payment terms.


The delivery addresses available come from: A) The registered addresses on your business profile B) The client mailing and billing address C) The supplier addresses.


PO’s cannot be canceled or deleted once a line has been approved and the document created.