Purchase Order Listing

There are 2 PO listings on the side menu. One for orders and one for requisitions.  But have the same functionality.


In the PO listing, you can filter the completed orders by clicking on the toggle button to show Complete only”.


You can as well filter to see PO by supplier. Select the supplier form the list.  


The column amount shows the total amount pending to be paid to the supplier.


On the supplier column, you have the name of all the suppliers included on the same PO.


The Lines column identifies the number of DIFFERENT products or services within the PO.


Example: if 3 tables and 2 chairs were ordered, they would appear as 2 lines as they are 2 different products, regardless of the quantity ordered from each.


The number displayed on the Requisition ID column is a requisition that has been directly associated to a specific PO. The association is done from the requisition module.