Process Bar description

The process bar is a UNIQUE graphic feature of Osmos Cloud. It shows the customer journey on each process step-by-step starting from the quote and ending on the CRM.  

On a single view, you can tell who the sales rep assigned to the client, the client name and his ID number.


The process bar is divided into 9 processes; eachdisplays different features and information. The main indicator of the process bar is the ring that encircles each of the processes. The color indicates the current status of the process with a title. 

It displays white color when the process is not available or is not active for the current customer. 

TIP: You can navigate to different processes by clicking on the process bar modules that are active.


1.   Quote

·        Red = Pending stage – when quote stage is marked as Pending.

·        Orange = Follow-up stage – when quote stage is marked as follow-up.

·        Green = Normal status – when quote stage is marked as normal.

·        Blue = Confirmed stage – when quote stage is approved.

·        Black = Canceled stage – when quote is cancelled.


2.   Contract

·        Red = Pending status – when quote is approved but contract is pending.

·        Blue = Authorized status – when quote is approved, and contract is authorized.

·        Black = Voided status – when contract was authorized and now is voided.


3.   A. Receivable

·        Red = Due status – when there is a past due payment.

·        Green = Normal status – not past due payments but contract is not fully-paid.

·        Blue = Paid status – when contract is fully paid.


4.   Requisitions

·        Red = Pending status – when no action has been taken

·        Green = Authorized status – when requisition has been authorized and PO sent

·        Black = Rejectedstatus – when at least one line of the requisition has been rejected


5.   Orders

·        Red = Pending status – when order is pending.

·        Orange = Incomplete status – when something from the order is not completed.Could be inventory missing or purchase order not yet sent.

·        Green = Complete - when all products /services have been marked as delivered.

·        Blue = Closed - when the previous status was green, and you have closed the order.


6.    PO

·        Red = Pending status – when one or more PO’s are pending to be authorized.

·        Blue = Authorized status – when all PO’s have been authorized for all suppliers.

·        Black = Rejectedstatus – when a PO has been rejected and returned for correction.


7.   A. Payables

·        Red = Pending status– No action has been taken and non-programed payments have been captured.

·        Red = Due status– when a payment is past-due, meaning that it was not marked as paid.

·        Green = Normal status– when not past-due payments but not fully paid.

·        Blue = Paid – when the suppliers have been fully paid.


8.   Inventory

·        Red = Pending status – when no action has been taken or 1 or more of the goods have not been marked as received.

·        Blue = Good Received status – when all good have been marked as received.


9.   CRM

·        Red = Pending status – no assessment applied to the customer.

·        Blue = completed status – when at least one assessment has been applied to the customer.