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Osmos Plans, 30-day Free trial and Plan Migration

Osmos Plans, 30-day Free trial and Plan Migration


If you want to learn more about the different plans and prices you can check our website for more information. Other plans may be available when creating your account. 
These are some of the available plans. You can add extra users and remove them as you need.  

  • Osmos Free
  • Osmos CRM
  • Osmos Quote Lite
  • Osmos Quote
  • Osmos Business
For annual plans the user come pre-defined like this (+1, +3, +5, +10 and +20 users) . Example: If you want to the plan Osmos Quote that comes with 3 users and you want to add other 2 users you will have to take the +3 users option. 

30-day Free Trials

When you subscribe to any paying plan you get 30-days free trial. If you decide to make a payment before the 30 days are over, your card will be charged but the remaining days will be kept. So if you open your account on the 15th and you pay on the 5th, you will be billed in advance for the new cycle that starts on the 15th. 

Plan Migration

When you migrate from a paying plan to another paying plan your monthly billed will be prorated. If you migrate from the Free plan to a paying plan your account won't qualify for the 30-days free trial, even if you have subscribed less than 30 days ago.

Annual plans can not be downgraded.  Annual plans get 2 months for free and can not be downgraded. When upgrading a plan before the renewal date, the current plan will be cancelled and the new plan will be activated for 12 months WITHOUT the 2 free months