Order Module

Order Module 

In this module is where you internally organize the orders, bookings, purchases, etc..
This module is for internal use; from here, you can request PO’s and also from this module is where you acknowledge when items and services have been delivered or provided to the client.
This module is divided into sections

On the first 3 tabs, you have the customer, dates, and payment information.
The next 2 tabs are where you will find the information about the requested products or services. Osmos divides them based on products and services.
The Order information products tab is where you capture inventory. 3 scenarios can occur when you capture inventory.


A - You have enough inventory to cover the order

In this case, you only have one option to capture the goods from the inventory. When capturing, the inventory is automatically adjusted.


B - You have inventory, BUT not enough to cover the full order

You have 2 options:

  • Partial Capture: You can capture the quantity available from the inventory and create a PO for the reminder.
  • Full Capture: You can create a PO for the full amount and leave the inventory as it is.


C - You don’t have inventory

In this case, the only option is to create a PO

In the Order, information services tab is where you can select the service providers (if applicable) and add resources (Resources are added from the user's section).
By allocating resources to services it will better calculate the cost of the service or project.
TIP: The resource units are assigned to the resource in the user catalog. The common units used for employees are hours, days or months. The resource rate is also defined from the user catalog, and it can be later adjusted in the PO purchase orders module.
The "include" fields are where you can add accessories that are required to provide the service, but that don’t have an impact on the cost. The comments written here will appear in the purchase order module.
In this section, you can either create a purchase order or mark the service as provided.

Closing an Order

Closing an order will indicate that the order has been fulfilled.

 To close an order, you must:

  •  Have PO's for all products and services (if applicable)

  •  Mark the goods and services as delivered or service provided

 IMPORTANT!! Once the order is closed, it cannot be reopened.