Lead stage

The lead stage identifies the step where the lead is based on your sales cycle. 

Example: If the opportunity type assign to a lead is “End User”; we could assign the following lead stages:

  •  1st contact
  • Proposal sent
  •  Meeting
  • Done deal


Create or edit a lead stage


1) To create or edit a lead stage go to Setup > System Values > Lead stage.


2) Click on "+" sign to add a new stage or on the trash can to delete a stage. When adding a stage, you will need to select and Opportunity type for that stage. 


TIP: Each opportunity type can have different lead stages. Define them based on each unique sales cycle.



IMPORTANT!! Deleting or modifying the lead stage will affect all leads in where the lead stage was assigned. It could happen that the stage is deleted or the description is different.   


NOTE: Once the stage is created, you can move it around to sort them in a predefined order. Select the row, click on it and hold to move it up or down. Consider that stages assign to an opportunity type cannot be placed on a different opportunity type.  


IMPORTANT!! The last stage of each type of opportunity is considered as the final stage, closing the sale. Selecting the last stage will convert the lead into client AUTOMATICALLY.  

To disqualify automatically disqualified a lead mark the box "Disqualified status" for the stage you want to assign. Each time the stage is selected for a lead, it will be disqualified. A good example would be to create a stage as "not interested" and select it as a disqualified status. You can assign multiple stages as disqualified. 


If you select a stage to be excluded from funnel (Reports), this stage will not be considered on the CRM Reports. This option is useful if you have a stage like "Pending" that is not considered as a sales cycle.