Home Screen - Search Function

This is a very practical screen; it will save you a lot of time on the searching. To perform a search, follow the steps below:

1. You can search by: Enter your client's name, email or customer number, quote or contracts. Suggestions based on your search will appear. Make your selection.

Consider that a search may contain the following:

  • Name of the client: The client (Example: Joe Doe).
  • Client's name + #: When the client has one or more quotes (Example: Joe Doe 4).
  • Client name + C + #: When the client has one or more contracts (Example: Joe Doe C2).

2. Select your action: Once you have made your selection you have a series of options to make in the section where it says what do you want to do next? The option you select will redirect you to perform the action with the selected client. When the option does not apply, you´ll simply be redirected to the module. (Example: If you want to receive a payment in a quote)

You can perform the following actions:

Create a lead
Work on a lead
Assign a quote to an existing customer (the big icon), edit an existing quote (blue pencil) or visualize it (The green eye)
Create an invoice on an existing quote
Receive a payment on an assigned contract
Create an expense
Follow up on a client's order, this means that they already have an assigned contract
Make a purchase order to a supplier based on a client with a contract and receive a payment
Receive inventory