CRM Module

Client Profile

In the client profile, you will find all lead information that was entered when creating a lead.



From here you can create and send quotes instead of doing it from the quote module.



Here you will find all sales, contracts, orders or whatever you called them. On the list, you have the sales amount, order status, customer evaluations, as who and when was the deal closed.
You can apply survey to clients. Each time you survey a client, the rating is averaged. The survey can be applied in person or by telephone.

Note: If you have not created a survey go to Catalogs > Assessments


This section is where you follow-upleads by identifying the opportunity type, the stage, the forecast date and the potential amount of the deal.


TIP: You can use forecast date as a follow-up date.


NOTE: The opportunity type and the stages are added from Setup > SystemValues. Tab "Opportunity Type" and "Stages".


IMPORTANT!! Editing or deleting the name opportunity types and stages affect all prospects that were identified with current information.

Activity Log

The activity log is your diary. Here is where you can describe the list of activities such as agreements, sales notes, conversations, meetings, to-do list, and everything you need to register to help you remember things.


TIP: To assign a to-do to your list, mark the To-do? option as Yes. Once added it will appear in the yellow lightbulb at the top of your screen.


Here you will find all the history of emails sent and received between the business and the customer. Also, from here you can write emails.


IMPORTANT!! Only the email history exchanged between the business and the registered customer's email account will be displayed.


IMPORTANT!! If you cannot see this section it is because you have not yet linked an email account within Osmos.