CRM Listing

On the CRM listing you can:


Apply filters to the listing by using:
1) Client list - The default option is "No", this means that you only see leads. If you want to see the customers list, click on "Client List?""Yes". 
2) Disqualified list - The default option is "No". If you want to see the disqualified leads or clients mark it as "Yes" 
3) Forecast date - You can filter by using a forecast date. 
4) Opportunity - Filter by type of opportunity (Opportunities are created by you).
5) Opportunity Percentage - Filter by success rate; a range.
6) Lead stage - Filter by the stages assigned to the leads (The stages are created by you)
7) Salesperson - Filter by sales rep.

With the batch action menu, you can perform the same action to a selection. Select the leads or clients from the list and apply the action. 
These can be:
1) Assign or re-assign leads to a seller.
2) Create and print a PDF document.
3) Convert clients into leads.
4) Mark leads for follow-up.
5) Disqualify leads (Sent to the disqualified list).