Accept Payments with Credit Card (STRIPE)

Osmos has an integration with Stripe payment gateway. You can process credit cards in 2 different ways.


If you have already setup you “Stripe Key” in your Osmos account, on the top of the account receivables module you will find a green icon Make Payment

Click on it and a new window will open in where you can enter the payment details. Manually enter and capture the transaction once you have confirmed that the payment was processed by Stripe.


We recommend that once you have charged the credit card mark the payment as capture on your account receivables module. 

You can charge credit cards from the quote module. On the Payment terms section, you will find a button named e-Invoice.


IMPORTANT!! This button is only available if the quote is marked as an invoice. Once the quote is marked as an invoice the button will be displayed.


Activate the e-Invoice button and capture the payment details.


Send the quotation / invoice to the customer and he will see a button in the lower section that says Pay now. By clicking there, the client can enter their payment details to make the payment of the TOTAL.


Once the customer makes the payment, you will be notified by the notification bell. In addition, if the contract was authorized before receiving the payment, when you receive the payment it will be automatically marked on accounts receivable as paid.


IMPORTANT!! Payment information and card details entered here are not saved or recorded on Osmos servers. The payment process is handled through Stripe. DO NOT KEEP OR RECORD DATA OF THE CARDS IN ANY OTHER FIELD.


To check rates, fees and any other information related to credit card payments, consult or contact Stripe. Osmos does not charge a commission for transactions.